Monday, July 14, 2008

MITMC Orienteering Competition Pictures


NASUGBU, BATANGAS. It was a first time that Mapua Mountaineering Club ( MITMC ) had organized an orienteering competition. This was held in Caleraga near Mt. Batulao and Evercrest last July 13, 2008. We wanna thank Mr. Bobby Relos for all his hardwork in making this event possible and of course that includes all the sponsors, MITMC alumni and members who also had devoted their time for this event.

Thank you for a the nice weather. Below are some nice sceneries taken in the actual orienteering location:

Here are some pictures of the teams who participated, thank you to all of you! All I can say that Catcat is the best racer I've seen, hehe. And we hope that you have enjoyed the race. Feel free to give your comments, complaints, suggestions on this event.

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