Thursday, September 25, 2008

Adidas King of the Road Race Singlet

I have joined an Adidas King of the Road (KOTR) last 2007. One thing I liked about it was the race singlet that they gave for the race plus a duffle bag after finishing it. I still use the white singlet and it is one of my favorite. I missed the red one.

The Adidas King of the Road will again be held on October 11 and not on October 19 as previously announced. I would say that is one of the road races in Manila that is being anticipated by many runners. The KOTR was already held in Malaysia last month and there have been many queries being posted in the forums regarding the race being held in the Philippines.

I was looking forward to see what the race singlet will look like. And finally, the organizers have sent me the race singlet design. Here it is.

For Women (Front and Back View)

Adidas KOTR

Adidas KOTR

For Men (Front and Back View)

Adidas KOTR
Adidas KOTR

I like the colors. And of course, women would even like that there is a separate design for them too.

Registration forms will be available on September 15. Let's wait for further updates.

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